Kejsardammen 2023

6/4-1/6 & 28/8-5/11

Open Friday, Saturday & Sunday 07.00 - 20.00

2/6 - 27/8

Open every day 07.00 - 20.00

Price Fishing License

Adult: 300 SEK per day

Child & Youth up to 18 years: 175 SEK per day

Catch up to 2 fishes while Fishing License is valid but 150 SEK per caught fish (no matter the weight) must be payed after ended fishing.

Fishing License is booked and payed in advance thru this homepage and the fee for caught fish is to be paid after ended fishing.

Swish can also be used by swishing over money to 070-6945569.   

Groups can book Kejsardammen for 6750 SEK plus VAT.

Special agreements can be done concerning catering and other conditions.

For booking of Kejsardammen call +46 70-6945569 or info@castlefish.se    

Kejsardammen is beautifully situated in the scenic Snogeholm that offers a billowing Scanian landscape with nature as the only neighbor. Synonyms for a day at this little lake is excitement, peace and harmony in a nice combination. One of the best things are then to catch a tasty fish but actually most of our guests are satisfied to enjoy the peace and nature that you will experience when you fish.


Kejsardammen is a Put & Take that offers nice fishing for both fly fishers as those who prefer to wield his spinning rod in search of the great game fish that we have in the pond. We have rainbow trout, Oncorhynchus Mykiss, in the water. There are big fishes swimming around in the pond - it is quite rare nowadays that you get a fish that weighs less than two kilograms here!


Many of our guests have thus beaten their personal best with these big rainbows. They often show themselves as well with nice jumps in the water - this is a spectacle by itself ...


There are plenty of fish lurking around for a bite when it's the right time… We fill up our stock of fish continuously from our suppliers in northern Skåne and Blekinge.


For more info about this wonderful area - check www.skanskalandskap.se for further inspiration!

Find Us...

It's quite easy to find us. If you drive by car to Kejsardammen it's a 15 minutes drive away whether you go from Ystad, Sjöbo or Blentarp.

When you have arrived to Snogeholm you should turn onto Gydarpsvägen near Snogeholms beautiful castle!

WGS 84 decimal 55.55751, 13.70686

Catch Your Dreamfish...

Castlefish operates Kejsardammen in Snogeholm with rainbow trout sized well over two kilograms in average. In the lake of Snogeholm can you rent a boat or paddle canoe. The lake holds many species of fish - the fishing after pike are truly amazing. Snogeholm is the place...

Tips & Tricks...

We are often asked about colors and size of flies and baits when it comes to catch the big fish. It's always a difficult question to answer as wind, light and air pressure has a major impact on your luck.

Large lures with dark colors for fly fishers and a classic Toby for spin anglers tend in any case to be viable... :)

Health & Fitness...

Nature is always open and it is therefore the best place to nurture your body and soul - whenever you have time and spirit for it.

Castlefish can be your motivator to get an experience of fishing, mushroom picking, canoeing, fitness or whatever you want to try out in the beautiful scenery of Scania!


For current rules in Kejsardammen, we refer to the information board located by the pond and to the information found online at SWE page. Find a viable tips for anglers below and it's not so hard to remember either ...

"Before fishing the fishermen should find out what kind of rules that applies for the specific water."


Cooperation embellish life, we have very talented partners we work together with. Whether you want to try wreck fishing, salmon trolling, inshore fishing, river fishing or lake fishing - Castlefish can help you to have a wonderful experience out in the nature and get You to feel the real wildlife!